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Dr. Ali Irani believes in generosity in all its forms and is often calls it as giving gifts of “time, talent and treasure” to help make life better for other people.

Dr. Ali Irani not only conducts lectures on Disaster Management but has also set up physiotherapy and rehabilitation centres in Bhuj, Gujarat for the earthquake victims. On a regular basis, Dr. Ali Irani holds rural physiotherapy camps for community based rehabilitation.

You’d wonder what more about a super achiever as Dr. Ali Irani! But - he is a philanthropist at heart! In his career spanning three decades, he has worked and still continues to work closely with rotaract clubs, municipal schools, orphanages and old age homes. He conducts medical camps with consultation. He also mentors students and sponsors education for orphans. He works with various NGOs and Trusts across Mumbai to run clinics in the slum areas and even offers to pay for medical expenses. That’s not all! Dr. Ali Irani even takes up causes and financially assists people who are wrongly accused in prison. Dr. Ali Iraniis a firm believer that by contributing to the well-being of others, our communities and the world at large, we find more meaning in life.

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