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Dr. Ali Irani is a renowned and honoured personality in the field of physiotherapy. His proficiency is highly sought after in the sports world. He was the physiotherapist for Indian cricket team from 1987-1997. He has extensive experience working with professional athletes at state and national level. He has also helped several famous Bollywood celebrities recover from serious injuries.

Academically, Dr. Ali Irani completed his Bachelor of Physiotherapy (B. Physio) from The Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda. He also has two Ph.Ds in the field of Sports Medicine and Anatomy of Body Movement and Dance. He also earned a Doctor of Physiotherapy through National University of Medical Sciences (Spain).

Besides being the Principal, he is also a member on the board of studies for NMIMS University. Currently, he is the Chairperson (International Affairs) for the Indian Association of Physiotherapists where he is also a patron member. He is also the Vice President of the Bombay District Sports Medicine Association and the Bombay Suburban Amateur Athletic Association. Dr. Ali Irani is an active member and holds a post at the International Board of Medicine & Surgery (IBMS). He is also a Life Member of the Indian Federation of Neuro-Rehabilitation(IFNR). Among his other memberships are - Indian Association of Sports Medicine, Gujarat Physiotherapy Council, Maharashtra State Council for Occupational Therapy & Physiotherapy.

Dr. Ali Irani's areas of specialization are sports & orthopaedic physiotherapy and he has also presented papers on knee mobility, backache, hammer tone for frozen shoulder, fitness and sports injuries. His expertise extends globally where Dr. Ali Irani has been a speaker at various events on sports, physiotherapy and health including the 19th WCPT (World Confederation for Physical Therapy) General Meeting. He also conducts workshops for the Iranian Physiotherapy Association. Being an authority in the field, Dr. Ali Irani has been invited to countless summits, conferences, workshops, seminars and conventions as a Speaker & Guest of Honour at the national and international level.

Another feather in Dr. Ali Irani's hat is a documentary that he produced titled "Cafe Irani Chai" which talks about Irani Chaiwalas who came walking from Iran in the 18th & 19th century and went on to make India their home and became famous for their Bun Maska & Irani Chai in various cities across the country. The documentary received 61 prestigious awards and accolades on the national & global stage. To name a few; are the Best Documentary Film Director Asian-African Leadership Forum 2019, Dr. V Shantaram Jivan Gaurav Puraskar, Genius Film Director of the Year GIAA, World Record for Most Number of Awards won by a Hindi Documentary Film, Lifetime Achievement Award for Cinematic Development.

Dr. Ali believes in prevention – where it's all about reducing the chances of injury and raising the chances of recovery. Dr. Ali puts it as care “from womb to tomb.” This is because right from pre- and post-natal care for the mother and then for the child, physiotherapy helps you gain your posture and confidence.With close to three decades of experience under his belt, he has received several accolades and international recognition for his expertise in the field of sports medicine and physiotherapy.

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