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Dr. Ali Irani believes ‘physiotherapy was not born…it always existed.’

Its benefits were known about 2500 years ago. Traditional Methods recognized the Power Of Water Cure. Hector Used Hydrotherapy in 460 BC. Today we use Kneading, Mobilization & Manipulation.

Earliest documented origins of Physical Therapy as a profession date back to 1894 when the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy was formed in England

A century ago, Physiotherapy was known for its role with orthopedic disorders but with promotion of evidence based practice, we have broken all barriers and explored various fields of health care, proving that physiotherapy today has no boundaries…

Physiotherapy is physiotherapeutic system of medicine where physical agents like heat, cold , light, water, electricity and exercises including mobilization and manipulations are used as treatment modalities which have diagnostic, prognostic, preventive and rehabilitative dimensions in treating of diseases, disorders or disability.

Physiotherapy And Its Role In The New Work From Home Culture

Musculoskeletal disorder is one of the health problems which can be caused by the workforce. Work related musculoskeletal disorder signed by general chronic pain. Due to the impact of Covid-19, the change of the work from the office to be work from home is worried to trigger musculoskeletal disorders.Occupational factors potentially increased the risk of musculoskeletal disorders. Physical workload or force, repetitiveness and awkward postureat the workplace were the most frequent factors which were found to cause musculoskeletal disorder of neck, shoulder, and back region.

The people who usually work from office have the chair which has set based on the ergonomic standard. When they have to work from home, the people usually sit on the chair which they have in the home, so that it does not appropriate with the ergonomic standard so that musculoskeletal disorder is possible experienced by the workers.

Physiotherapy And Women Health

Studies show that women taking Antenatal exercises classes are predisposed to normal delivery.
Physiotherapists manage labor pain by administering breathing techniques & use of TENS.

Physiotherapy And Pediatric Care

Autism & Cerebral Palsy requires continuous therapy for development and independent living.
Physiotherapy is important for Neuroplasticity to restore balance, flexibility, co-ordination and muscle strength for Activities of daily living - avoiding risk of falls.

Dr. Ali Irani's Physiotherapy Mantra – Evaluation is 50% Treatment.

An appropriate evaluation enables quick and effective treatment planning and execution. This is especially important in sports field as a player cannot be held off field for too long considering the pressure and competitive demands placed on them.

Prevention is better than cure as it not only minimizes financial losses but also minimizes a player’s chances of missing out on a season due to injuries.

This is why pre-rehab is so crucial. Pre-rehab training corrects any mechanical imbalances that maybe present thereby enhancing sport’s performance and minimizes risk of injury.

This is done by monitoring, analyzing and predicting the strain on one’s body and managing it with appropriate techniques.

Injury negligence by athletes is one of the most common challenges a physiotherapist faces when dealing with athletes. It may even lead to irreparable damages costing the athlete his career.It is therefore imperative that the athlete not only reports any injury promptly, but must also disclose it's full nature for correct diagnosis and treatment.

A good coordination between the various medical team members is imperative as it ensures effective treatment planning to provide the best possible outcome.

Modern sports medicine now allows athletes to train efficiently. Evidence based physiotherapy protocols have successfully treated patients from joint pain muscle strain, ligament sprain, etc.

He specializes in Sports Physiotherapy. Physiotherapy effectively manages various soft tissue injuries, muscular imbalances, joint pain and spine conditionsincludingpre and post-operative rehabilitation of hip, shoulder and knee replacemnts surgeries. Dr. Ali Irani focuses on a systematic approach to provide pain relief, increase joint range, improve strength and flexibility and provide the best possible chance at restoring function.

Parkinson's is a neurodegenerative disease affecting 1% of the Indian population above the age of 55 and a number of them seek assistance at Nanavati Hospital through physiotherapy. Dr. Ali Irani and his team evaluates their function, works on their facial expressions, balance, agility, movement and strengthening of the spine and other functional abilities. This maximizes their function and ability to perform activities of daily living. Dr. Ali Irani and his team also work on their lung vital capacitiesto improve oxygenation.

According to Dr. Ali Irani, “Our lungs can take in up to 4.5 litre of air but most Indians’ lungs have a capacity of less than 2 litre, the reason being today’s sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise. Walks between 5-6 am have proven to improve lung capacities’’

Dr. Ali Irani is also a celebrity physiotherapist and has worked with film stars in India as well as in Iran.

He is the Head of Department, Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Centre, Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital, Mumbai. Well known cricketers and actors graced the opening of our Physiotherapy Department in 1990, with their presence.

Dr Ali is currently the Chairperson (International Affairs) and a patron member of the Indian Association of Physiotherapists. As the former president of IAP, he held an international conference on the topic 'Physiotherapy in Global Health Services' with the participation of people from 23 countries. He is also a member of physiotherapy councils for the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat.

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